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Sensient Natural Ingredients

Sensient Natural Ingredients, founded in 1919 has a long history as a pioneer and innovative contributor to the dehydration industry. During these many decades, Sensient Natural Ingredients has transformed itself from a U.S. business into a global business unit. Sensient Natural Ingredients now has manufacturing plants and sales teams in the United States, France, United Kingdom and The Netherlands. With our investment in these European businesses, Sensient Natural Ingredients has effectively expanded its expertise, capabilities and product offerings. Our product line includes a full range of air dried, freeze dried and puffed vegetables, spices and specialty vegetables offering a multitude of product cuts (sliced, diced, granulated, powdered) and varying cook times.

Our ongoing research in the science of seed development is key to our ability to produce the finest quality, technically advanced products. For example, we produce onion and garlic with superior flavor and color, naturally low bacteria content and the greatest possible resistance to disease. In our tissue culture labs, we continue to expand and improve our virus-free garlic strains, which have become models for the industry.

Our agriculture programs are designed to produce consistent, top quality crops. We begin by contracting with the very best growers, and then provide them with the support they need to ensure superior products at a reasonable price. Our talented engineers design and modify planting, cultivating and harvesting equipment to improve efficiencies and produce greater crop yields. Our planting equipment provides precise spacing, density and depth of planted seed. Specially modified cultivating and harvesting equipment electronically adjusts to varying ground conditions in the field. This means better quality products for our customers.

As a unit of Sensient Technologies, we have the resources necessary to meet our customers' changing needs. Continuous investments in dehydration technology and our state-of-the-art production facilities provide innovative production technologies (air dehydration, freeze-drying, Vacu'puff® (puffed)) which continue to make Sensient Natural Ingredients an industry leader.

North America

Sensient Natural Ingredients
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Email Orders to us at: dehyflavors.customerservice@sensient-tech.com

For Inquiries Contact us at: dehyflavors@sensient-tech.com


Sensient Natural Ingredients (Customer Service and Production)
Le Mont de Monceau
02350 Marchais
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Sensient Natural Ingredients BV (Production)
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